TAD1170-1172VE is a totally integrated system, powered by the in-line 6-cylinder D8, a 7.7-liter, common-rail diesel with a turbocharger. Working together with a perfectly matched IPS15 pod, twin counterrotating propellers and the EVC system, the system offers exceptional diesel performance combined with low emissions.


Totally integrated system with everything from steering wheel to propeller cone

Unique, steerable pods

Integrated seawater and exhaust system

Twin rubber suspension and sealing rings plus soft suspended engines

Patented counter-rotating propellers

Electronic steering, enabling features such as joystick maneuvering

Hydraulic gear shift system with low speed mode as standard

Water in oil sensor

Oil change from inside the boat

Nickel Aluminum Bronze and stainless steel in all main under water components

Complete range of propellers available, covering boat speeds from 20 to 40 knots

Clear Wake Exhaust System, CWES (optional)

Several optional jackshaft lengths